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Google Cloud Computing Services
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What precisely is the Google Cloud? Well the Google Cloud is actually something that will completely change how people access the information they seek.

The Google Cloud is powered by thousands, perhaps millions of unique servers and services which house unbelievable amounts of information. These are located in different locations in the world and maintain a number of copies of the information that is accessible on the Internet. The information stored on the latter servers is what makes cloud computing such a powerful possibility when it comes to information access and management.

Google Cloud is basically a “reference” to the information that Google stores and makes accessible. Cloud computing services are the services that can be used from any location to access the information that Google saves. Services like Google Maps, Search, Blofs, Docs and so on. Google’s heavy duty servers are much like the hub of an amazing system of information – and cloud computer services are the means for accessing any and all information located within the hub of the information system.

Here is a Google Apps Coud Computing Talk On Video. He looks like he is asleep :-)

Google is, of course, not the only company involved in cloud computing and in making efforts to offer cloud computing services. Amazon, Yahoo, and Microsoft cloud computing services are also in development stages. Cloud computing
services are expected to benefit scientists, researchers, corporations, and small business owners alike. Once cloud computing services become super easy to manage and navigate the services will become something accessible to the
Cloud computing services are relied on by a number of distinct entities looking to gain the advantages to be had from cloud computing. Cloud computing is seen as a method for business improvement by many and the demand for cloud
computing services has risen in the past few years, and because of its practicality the demand for such services will continue to rise.
Cloud computing services are offered by a variety of different companies. Features of such service include the ability to utilize specific software applications without the need for download or installation: such applications are supplied via a centralized service on the Internet instead. Online tools with complete instructions are also part of many cloud computing offerings. One will find that the use of cloud computing services is not only nicely affordable, but is
also relatively easy too since full instructions, guidance and support often comes with such services.
Despite all the conveniences that cloud computing services have to offer, some consumers remain leery about such services, citing privacy concerns as a source for their leeriness. Some consumers worry about the security of their files when they are stored on the Internet, and other consumers are concerned that traces of files will remain even after deletion. Other consumers are worried that their files might be analyzed so that they can be targeted for specific advertising, and still others are worried that their private information will be stored, assessed,
shared, and sold to third parties. Consumers seeking cloud computing services should take the time to carefully review any offer before signing up for any services. An offer should clearly define what information is stored, how it is
stored, how it is accessed and the rights of the consumer.

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  1. Raymond Byng says:

    We, at Unisa, one of the largest distance learning universities in the world, are investigating outsources our SAN storage to a Storage Cloud. I would like to know what is offered in South Africa


  2. admin says:


    We don’t do any work in SA, but Google or Amazon are worth contacting


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